They said “Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day”

This will both put you on your feet and relief you of pressure

I’m pretty sure you’re very familiar with that subject line. Many times (or maybe all of the time) when that statement, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, was used, it was usually to refer to the fact that it takes time to build anything tangible/worthwhile but here’s a perspective you may have not come across before.

What if we left the building process to just time alone. So the builders of Rome wanted to build and they just let time pass and do its work. That, I’m sure, would’ve been the most foolish decision ever because time alone doesn’t make things happen.

So what exactly happens within the time frame? Action was taken towards achieving the set goal.

Now, you’d be tempted to think the action was a huge effort done at once — Say a large excavator was brought to the site and a large number of bricks was placed on the places that needed to be built and voilà! Here comes “Rome” that everyone has been waiting for. But that couldn’t have been the case.

Here’s what I believe happened:

All the builders gathered every day and put bricks upon bricks, plastered it together (maybe), and did that consistently for days/weeks/months (and maybe years).

Subconsciously, you might think they probably put in the same effort every day, but I don’t think they did. I believe there’d be days when some of the builders were sick (maybe some died along the way), some were probably not fit enough to work. But here’s what stands — The workers showed up every day and put in their best effort no matter how small or huge.

It was those compounding efforts that made the Rome everyone now talks about. (That’s if the story of building Rome was true though)

Now, that’s for building Rome; for you, you’ve probably decided to build something worthwhile, a habit, a dream project, your portfolio, maybe a relationship — I want you to take the approach of the builders of Rome we just talked about. Get the materials you need to build this dream of yours together and make CONSISTENT efforts in SHOWING UP every day (or periodically) NO MATTER HOW LITTLE OR BIG and let this effort COMPOUND into the big vision that you have.

Remember the words in Caps:


Take those words and build your dream. I’m rooting for you, Remember it won’t all happen in a day.

I’ll write again but for now, I’m sending so much light your way.💡

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I'm a person of many interests... Love the tech world 🤖(Every bit of it) 😍, Love music 🎶 and I love my heart ♥... Lol. And take some time to breathe🙂

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Solaru Olusegun Emmanuel

Solaru Olusegun Emmanuel

I'm a person of many interests... Love the tech world 🤖(Every bit of it) 😍, Love music 🎶 and I love my heart ♥... Lol. And take some time to breathe🙂

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